Oct 26, 2016

Why we need URL shortener?

  1. We can remember shortened link and share them easily. Some URL shortening service such as t.co used as a part of Twitter. A message length is limited. So shortening service maintains the maximum number of characters for our message.
  2. The short link hides original link attracting user wanna to know the origin and its contents.
  3. Url shortening service show us information such as how many times a link has been clicked, which is an important quality signal in determining how each relevant long-URL is.
  4. Shortening services protect users from malicious sites. A (long) link converted checked against a list of potentially dangerous sites. So we have a protection layer. Then users will be warned. For example: Warning users if long URL is adult content. It's good to protect children.
We are on our URL Shortener project which some ideals will be implemented. We will note somethings later.

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