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1. Outsource

Outsourcing means that you hire another firm to take over a function of your business.

We always aim to create awesome products to contribute to the community. We need more time to develop our own products & monetize. And outsourcing is a good way to earn money to continue our operations.

Our engineers can code with low budget because they spend their all time for daily job with their passions.

2. Good outsourcing projects

A year ago (2016), we looked for some "outsourcing projects" at vlance (a local freelance-job market in Vietnam). We found so many projects which need to implement cheating other systems. Many young people are spending their time to make money online by cheating other systems.

We are always looking for some legal outsourcing projects.

3. How we co-operate?

Customer or partner is just a name, a term. It is not important to call. Partner seems more harmony.

1. Communicate with the partner to understand their desires

2. We make an estimation and send them to the partner/customer

Our estimation shows you many things such as the detailed tasks, time to complete each task,...

3. Making some conditions

4. More

If the partner/customer wants to implement more functions, more tasks which are not specified in the estimation, then we will cost per hour for those tasks.

4. Contact

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